New Music on the Point

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flower - 1Completely in love with the Jack Quartet‘s rendition of composer George Lewis‘s String Quartet 2.5 “Playing with Seeds” (2017) performed this afternoon at the Brandon, VT Town Hall Theater. 101 new ideas for my teaching practice in about 10 minutes. vibrato and endless left hand finger exercises, so, so so many ideas for bow control, plus it was very cool and comprehensible. favorite moments were a section that made my knee reflexes jerk time after time and a section that sounded exactly like seagulls cleaning their arm pits. I feel completely guilty that I did not notify all of my students about the New Music on the Point concerts and promise to next year as at least the concert today was chock full of inspiration for improvisation and playful practice. I enjoyed the other pieces by Luciano Berio (and will likely attempt to create something inspired by the soprano solo next time I’m invited to jazz improv or feel sleepy in the car) , Ted Herne (a piece for 5 violins that reminded me of the most far out group class dream I wish I had), and Amy Williams, but the one by George Lewis I think will stick with me the longest.

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