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Repost: What it’s like to audition at Juilliard. When you’re 11. — Penelope Trunk

This account by Penelope Trunk describes what is is like to parent a child on a track for Juilliard.  Her account is facinating, personal and feels authentic.  Check it out… The first round of auditions for Juilliard’s pre-college program is by video. From December to March my son practiced for three hours a day to

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Supported Practice

During the early days of musical instrument practice, practice is about carving out time for practice and developing the discipline to practice.  Incorporation of practice into the daily life of a family usually takes effort, not only by the student but by other members of the family.  It is usually a struggle at first to add

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Cultivating Ownership

Below are some strategies from my notes from a lecture by Ed Kreitman to help parents cultivate student ownership of their instrument study: Offer encouraging, focused feedback as well as general praise to encourage students to work with purpose. Recognize and praise effort. Make success possible.  Begin practice with the easier material, question.   Confident learners

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Card Game Practice

For when it might be more fun to play cards than practice… Draw 6 cards at random.   Put them up on the stand in the order they appear.  Perform the cards in the order they appear. K:  Twinkle Variation (Hearts Var A (mississipi hot dog / tuka-tuka-toot-toot), Clubs, Variation C (run pony run pony),

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Practice Incentive: Practice for Violins!!

On behalf of MCMC, I am applying for grant to purchase instruments for the string program at MCMC through an organization called, Classics for Kids (http://www.classicsforkids.org/grants.html).  The grant will cover half the purchase of instruments which the school can then lend out to students participating in private lessons at MCMC.  A quarter size instrument through

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