100 Day Practice Challenge

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Starting today, the 100 day practice challenge is on!  Students able to practice 100 days in a row will be invited to an ice cream party and will receive 100 day practice t-shirts.

The rules:

  • Students must practice 100 days in a row.
  • If a student misses a day, they go back to day one the next time they practice.
  • If a student is too sick to practice, they may listen to their Suzuki repetoire cd instead of practicing.
  • Lessons count as practice.
  • Group counts as practice.
  • Performing counts as practice.
  • Playing in school ensembles counts as practice.
  • Orchestra rehearsal counts as practice.
  • Sight-reading chamber music with your buddies counts as practice.
  • Listening to all the songs of their current suzuki book at least 3 times counts as practice.
  • Practice need not be a specific length of time.
  • Students with help from their parent keep track of the days practiced and let me know where they are at at lessons.

If a student misses the June ice cream party date, they can still participate and will earn an ice cream and t-shirt when they complete their cycle.


1 comments on “100 Day Practice Challenge”

  1. This is really working out surprisingly well for us. The “days off” were, I think, contributing to unnecessary dread of practice. We are on day `14 in a row, and there is NO dread. The “oh no, why” behavior is gone. It’s just what we do, like brushing our teeth. Thank you!


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