ACMP Play-in Parts

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We will celebrate the ACMP World-wide Play-In event at MCMC on March 5th from 3-5!

We will start with the smaller chamber groups at 3PM, then join together at 4 for the Brandenburg.  We’ll have a short break for cider and cookies between.

Below are links parts for players to download music for the event!  If you plan to bring friends along or if you just show up, please let me know which Brandenburg parts you choose!

Bach Brandenburg 3rd Concerto

Practice tempo for our play-in will be around 84 and in 4/4 in stead of 2/4 time for the first movement. The Allegro will be at about 152 to the 1/8 note (in 12/8).

brandenburg3_violin1 (Emily, Mthobisi, Catherine N)

Brandenburg3_violin2 (Linda, Carol H, Camila ?, Olya)

Brandenburg3_violin3 (Cathy F, Carter ?, Roxanne)

brandenburg3_viola1 (Susan)

brandenburg3_viola2 (Sam)

brandenburg3_viola3 (Jeff R)

Brandenburg3_cello1 (Christina)

brandenburg3_cello2 (Joe, Chelsea)

brandenburg3_cello3 (Carole)

brandenburg3_harpsichord (Sarah)

Cremont Trio in D Major (2nd one in the parts to download)

cremont_cello (Chelsea)

cremont_violin1 (Linda K)

cremont_violin2 (Roxanne)

Haydn Emperor String Quartet

haydn_emporor  (this file contains all parts, just print the pages you need – violin1: Carol H, Violin 2: Jeff R, Viola: Susan J, Cello: Christina)

Mozart Violin Duet #5

mozart_duet (Cathy F)

mozart_duet_violin2 (Olya)

Mozart Flute Quartet

mozart_flute_AMaj_cello (Joe)

mozart_flute_AMaj_flute (Catherine)

mozart_flute_aMaj_viola (Sam)

mozart_fluteAMaj_violin (Mthobisi)

Bartok Duos

(learn both parts) bartok_1_2 (Camila and Carter)




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