The Addison

The Addison String Quartet is a group of Addison County-based friends that play together for fun and important occasions.  Emily Sunderman and Carol Harden play the violin, Joy Pile plays viola and Tom Dunne plays the cello.  Other musical friends often join or sit in on Tuesday mornings when we usually rehearse.  Founded in 2005 we most frequently play repertoire by favorite classical composers but sometimes branch out into jazz and pop arrangements.  We get together nearly every week to play for fun and often are often asked to perform for friends and community in churches, barns, fields and mountain tops.

The Addison String Quartet play at Middlebury College: Emily Sunderman, Joshua Sherman, Joy Pile, Tom Dunne (2011)
Addison String Quartet circa 2014
Addison String Quartet at Edgewater Gallery in Middlebury, VT: Emily Sunderman, Kate McIntosh, Joy Pile, Carole Fenn (2014)
addison - 1 (4)
The Addison:  Svea Closser, Carol Harden, Joy Pile and Emily Sunderman 2017.

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