Practice Incentive: Practice for Violins!!

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On behalf of MCMC, I am applying for grant to purchase instruments for the string program at MCMC through an organization called, Classics for Kids (  The grant will cover half the purchase of instruments which the school can then lend out to students participating in private lessons at MCMC.  A quarter size instrument through will cost $396, so we need to raise $198 to purchase one! We hope to purchase several instruments for use by children in Addison County, Vermont ages 3-13 including violins, violas, and cellos.  Instruments will hopefully be purchased in the Spring of 2016 for use in the Fall of 2016.

To help raise the matching dollars, I am rolling out a practice incentive program. I will donate 50 cents for students that practice 4-5 times a week and a dollar for students who practice 6-7 times a week.  We will monitor progress on raising money with a practice poster. Students will earn small or large stickers and can put their names by the stickers they earn.   Small stickers are worth 50 cents and large ones, a dollar.  Even just a few minutes of practice on a day counts!  So, please encourage students to get out their instruments and play to help us meet our goal!   If you are concerned that picking out stickers takes away from lesson time,  stickers can be picked out before lessons.  Come to your lesson a few minutes early to ponder sticker choices!

If anyone would like to help contribute to the instrument program, they are welcome to sponsor a single student, multiple students, donate awesome stickers or an instrument they have outgrown!  For individuals wishing to sponsor students, progress (and the amount to contribute) can be monitored by checking out the sticker posters in the teaching studios).  Since rolling out the program last Wednesday, we already have raised $9!

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