Green Mountain Suzuki Institute

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playdown - 1.jpg
Fiddling around before the contra dance

Bohemian and free-wheeling, the Vermont Suzuki Institute, The GMSI is my favorite Suzuki Institute I have attended thus far.    I was charmed by not one but two invites to a potluck dinners, endless picnics on the grass,  group classes under the trees, chamber music in welcoming locals homes with lovely pianos, multiple options for ice creams in walking distance to the venue, composition with Erik Nielsen, art, yoga, soccer, and more electives that let kids and their parents just be.  Teacher training options are limited to one book a summer, but certainly a must-do if the book on offer is on your list, faculty are world class and students diverse.   Recommended.  2019 dates: July 7-12, 2019.

warrenfall - 1.jpg
Nearby Swimming hole
the commute - 1.jpg
Rochester sights to see

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