Elliptical Machine Violin Injury Warning

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This machine is of course completely awesome.  But a word of warning to you professional violinists out there:  Use Caution!!!

Last week’s temperatures left me not exactly wanting to venture much outside for exercise, so off I went to the gym for a few little workouts.  I had heard tell that these machines are very efficient uses of time in the gym for a full body workout.  They however should come with warnings to violinists.   Don’t get me wrong, the joy of mindless repetition while listening to endless repetition of repertoire through one’s headphones is nearly worth it.  But combining regular 3 hour practicing and daily teaching playing with said machine is not a good match.  As my left shoulder loves to show off my violin induced shoulder strength, with music blaring in my ear phones and me near ecstatic at the bonus of exercise while I multitask at memorizing the Saint Saens violin concerto, I was not so aware that I was allowing my left shoulder hour long extra work opportunities to propel myself forward. And ouch, the repetitive action is ow, requiring ice packs, aspirin and extra gentle care.   Just a warning to you folks out there to follow the professionals advice to violinists to get enough exercise to prevent violin injury!  Mindfulness.   Yes, mindfulness is required.

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