Suzuki Violin Group Class Syllabus for January 24, 2014

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group2Below is is the Suzuki Group group class syllabus for January, 24, 2014.  The majority of students for this class have played for 1-6 months between the ages of 5-9.

  1. Tuning
  2. Name Game (Introduce yourself and share what you had for breakfast.  Reintroduce the person next to you then state your own name and what you had for breakfast.)
  3. Warm Up / Yoga
    1. Standing (Tadasana)
    2. outstretched arm rotations
    3. stretch arms up towards sky
    4. pretend to sit down (Utkatasana)
    5. Bend down for a long winded bow with hands touching ground
    6. crouching then lifting arms upward to standing (step 1)
    7. repeat pattern 5 times
  4. Round the room rhythm exercise following a combination of the groups most popular breakfast menus (Toast and eggs and granola).   Then a twinkle variation using the breakfast rhythm with piano accompaniment.
  5. Sight Reading and introduction to conducting
    1. Attached is the Group Class Duet.
    2.  Students are divided into two groups assigned to play one of the duet parts.
    3.  Each section is sightread by a volunteer first then by the entire section.
    4. Teacher demonstrates basic conducting of 4-4 time.
    5. Group plays the duet with teacher conducting.  (In future groups, students will practice conducting).
  6. Twinkle variations with piano with volunteer student leading
  7. Bow hold check then student led Up Like a Rocket
  8. Lightly row with piano with volunteer student leading
  9. Song of the wind with piano with volunteer leading
  10. Twinkle / May Song played at same time.

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