Manicures at the lessons

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Sharpie manicure to encourage proper LH hand position.
Sharpie manicure to encourage proper LH hand position.

I often find myself happily trimming fingernails for young students at lessons.   Trimmed fingernails are critical on Left Hand fingers 1-4 and Right Hand Thumb and Pinkie.   Students are free to go crazy and grow the other ones.

I have one memory of my teacher, Barbara Embser as a 4 year old in which if my fingernails were not trimmed,  she would break out a pair of giant scissors and trim them.  It was completely terrifying!   I don’t remember anything else about Mrs. Embser, though I certainly remember the songs she taught me!   I get to teach them now myself.

Anyway, I’m happy to trim nails, though I worry I may trim a bit of skin and make the child cry and that would be horrible! My other manicure service is painting the thumb side of the left hand fingernails 1-4.   I usually do it with a Sharpie, though sometimes I have some quick dry polish.   Ideally, the students finger will touch down on the string on the fingertip below the colored part of the nail.  This helps build a very nice left hand and if the fingers press down in the right spot I don’t have to nit pick about where the elbow or how the wrist looks or try to get the student not to grip the fingerboard tightly.

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