Summer Lessons

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summerThe spring semester of violin lessons will culminate with our recital on June 1 at 4pm here in Cornwall, which is now just three weeks away.  So, it is time to begin thinking about summer!
Summer lessons might be a little more casual.  We aren’t necessarily working towards a performance or perfecting an audition piece.  We can work on developing new techniques, explore different music styles or work on ensemble playing.
Suzuki always said, “practice every day that you eat.” But I believe that short breaks in practice are critical.   Taking a week off here and there during the summer so muscles can relax and we can fully experience a vacation or new experience is okay and recommended.   Stopping lessons altogether during the summer means we’ll have to back track come fall.   Keeping lessons going enables to students maintain the presence of music in their lives and motivates practice.
During the summer, I can maintain usual lesson times or we can switch to a morning time.  I’m offering lessons from 7-9 am on weekdays so that students can have their lessons before camps or outings and the heat of the day.
Sunday Group lessons will move from 4 to 5 pm during the summer so we don’t have to rush away from our outdoor pursuits and we can rejoice in the long days of summer.
Group Lesson Schedule (free and open to all violin students)
Sunday, June 22 from 5-6pm
Sunday, July 20 from 5-6pm
Sunday, August 10 from 5-6pm
So, please let me know what time you’d like to have lessons during the summer, and what weeks make sense for your family schedule.  I urge you consider the am hours as morning lessons are wonderful and there will be coffee for those of you that enjoy a cup.  A walk along the country road during the lesson can be a restorative treat for parents and ok by me, especially during the summer.

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