Benedetti Virtual Sessions

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Virtual Sessions Concert Poster 1-01I’ve been taking part in a virtual music education class sponsored by the Benedetti Foundation for the past three weeks that has 7000 student musician participants – children and adults from beginners to conservatory students from all over the globe. As part of the program, I’ve been participating in a zoom seminar with 140 other music teachers participating in twice-weekly lectures and demonstrations, learning the repertoire the students are studying and watching as many of the video recordings for student sessions as possible. It has been quite tricky to fit this all in while practicing and teaching and the rest of my life, but it has been very inspiring and worthwhile. The sessions have offered delightful and positive inspiration to my practice of playing and teaching. The three-week program will culminate in a virtual performance on Sunday. If you are curious about what a virtual performance would look like with students from all over the world as I am, tune in on Sunday on Benedetti Foundation or on their The Benedetti Foundation Youtube channel:

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