New Suzuki Recordings!

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hilaryHilary Hahn (little know fact: She also holds honorary doctorates from Middlebury College—where she spent four summers in the total-immersion German, French, and Japanese language programs) will be the new soloist on the official Suzuki recordings for violins book 1-3 according to a recent article on A press release is available on the

The recordings will be available this spring on, an online practice platform that requires Google Chrome.  I have started testing and think that it might be a tool that some students may enjoy using to structure their practice.  Practicing in front of a screen is not an activity that seems at the outset to fit for young children, but I am nearly 50 and a bit square.  I will try to be open-minded and solicit feedback from my students and parents to see if this tool may be right for them!  A tool that helps creates healthy and consistent practice habits is worth considering.


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