Recital – 11/3/2019

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Suzuki Group Recital Program

  • Students of Emily Sunderman
  • Sunday, November 3, 2019
  • Middlebury Community Music Center

Performers: Rosa, Eleanor, Gabriel, Acadia, Viviana, Ella P, Aliza, Nora, Fiona, Joshua, Henry, Maylee, Marwan, Colette, Lila, Carina

  • Open String Warm-up (Parade)
  • Twinkle Run Pony, Run Pony Variation – led by Eleanor
  • Twinkle Little Star (Theme) – led by Nora
  • Perpetual Motion –  led by Lila, harmonies provided by Henry and Joshua
  • Barbecue Bop
    • Player 1 – Henry,
    • Players 2 – Joshua and Lila, 
    • Player 3 – Marwan
  • G Major Scale and Round
  • Maggie in the Woods – led by Henry
  • Twinkle Mississippi Hot Dog Variation – led by Viviana
  • Twinkle Little Star (Theme) – led by Aliza. 

The audience is invited to blow bubbles during the last Twinkle.

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