3 Ways to Improve Your Kids’ Dinner Conversation Skills

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My son’s 6th grade teacher was so awesome in so many ways. Here are some conversation starter gems!

Green Mountain Mamas


A sit-down family dinner has been always been a priority in our family.  Mostly, it’s scratch-cooked homemade meals, sometimes it’s cereal or takeout, but sitting down together near the close of the day has been our ritual.

If you’ve ever eaten with children, you know that conversations can easily take an unexpected turn- silly, dramatic, or even just gross (or is that just at my house?).  Pulling some moves from my teacher toolbox, we’ve crafted a few discussion prompts that get everyone sharing. And listening.  (Well, we’re still working on the listening part.  And the taking turns part.)


Rose, Tickle, Thorn — This prompt asks each diner to think of a good thing (rose), a funny thing (tickle), and a bad thing (thorn) that happened recently. Sometimes we start with one (i.e. rose) and go in rounds until we’ve shared all three, and sometimes it’s sharer’s choice. Other times, we also…

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