Camp Adagio 2017 Concert Program

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Middlebury Community Music Center

Camp Adagio Concert

Friday, August 4, 2017, 2PM

Saint Stephen’s Church, Middlebury, Vermont




The Harmonious Blacksmith (8 hands) GF Handel

Lila Brightman, Jacob Graham, Noah Berg, and Toby Wells-Spackman (piano)


Melody Arthur Le Jeune

Lila Brightman, violin and Jacob Graham, piano


Kookaburra Australian Folk Song

Firoliralera Mexican Folk Song

Esra Anzali (violin), Marwan Liebhaber (violin), Carter Lee (violin), Camila Blanco (violin),

Silas Taylor (viola), Elsa Burrows (cello)


Hornpipe G F Handel Toby Draper (Alto Sax), Wesley Perdue (Trombone), Tyler Constanza Robinson (Trumpet),

Caleb Burrows (Trumpet)


Rounds and rounds

Lila Cook Yoder (clarinet), Daniella Lacorte-Serrano (piano), Julien Oswald (piano)


The Fourth Minuet WA Mozart

Carter Lee (violin) and Toby Wells-Spackman (piano)


Percussion Machines Original Adagio Beats

I Can See Clearly Now Johnny Nash


In C Terry Riley

Lila Cook Yoder (Clarinet), Lila Brightman (Piano), Silas Taylor (Piano),

Esra Anzali (Piano), Noah Berg (Piano)


Concerto Grosso – Adagio GP Telemann

telemann - 1Zachariah Burrows (flute), Andrew Rockwell (Clarinet), Carter Lee (violin), Camila Blanco (violin),

Marwan Liebhaber (violin), and Elsa Burrows (cello)


The Merry Polka Boys Franz von Suppe

Jacob Graham, Toby Wells Spackman,  Daniella Lacorte-Serrano,  and

Julien Oswald (piano)


Blue Monk Thelonious Monk

Blue Bossa                                                                                              Kenny Durham

Toby Draper (Alto Sax), Wesley Perdue (Trombone), Carter Lee (Trombone), Camila Blanco (Clarinet),

Ben Graham (Piano),  Tyler Constanza Robinson(Trumpet), Zachariah Burrows (Flute),

Caleb Burrows (Trumpet), Andrew Rockwell (Clarinet)


Carmen Georges Bizet


Special thanks go out to all of the supporting Adagio Faculty, Board Members, Staff, Interns and Volunteers who prove that it takes a village to raise children and make a music camp a reality.   We are so very grateful to the many people who contributed to Camp Adagio and helped make today’s performance a reality:  

Joe Antonioli, Sadie Brightman, Simon Broucke, Kate Cusson, Ali Gibson, Gloria Gonzalez Zenteno, Noah Graham, Cynthia Huard, Bear Irwin, Jessie Kuzmicki, Molly McEachen, Catherine Nichols, Joy Pile, Jillian Reed, Emily Sunderman, Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church, The New Middlebury Bridges Construction Team(s),  the supporting families that entrusted their children with us this week — thank you!   Thank you! Thank you!

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