Sacred and Secular Songs for Soprano, Violin and Piano

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FullSizeRender (8)MCMC Music Scholarship Benefit Concert Program

Sunday, October 4, 2015, 4 PM

Jessica Allen, Emily Sunderman, and Sadie Brightman

Three Bach Arias Johann Sebastian Bach


Quia respexit from Magnificat, BWV 243 (Luke 1:48)

Quia respexit humilitatem ancillae suae: ecce enim ex hoc beatam me dicent. For he has regarded the low estate of his handmaiden. Behold, for from this time, may I be called blessed.

Erbarme dich from St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244

Erbarme dich,

Mein Gott, um meiner Zähren willen!

Schaue hier, Herz und Auge weint vor dir Bitterlich.

Have mercy,

my God, for the sake of my tears!

Look here, my heart and eyes weep before you bitterly.

Ich ende behende mein irdisches Leben, from Cantata BWV 57

Ich ende behende mein irdisches Leben,

Mit Freuden zu scheiden verlang ich jetzt eben.
Mein Heiland, ich sterbe mit höchster Begier, hier hast du die Seele, was schenkest du mir?

I eagerly end my earthly life,

now I even long to depart with joy.
My Savior, I die with the greatest eagerness,

here you have my soul, what will you give me?


The Bird John Duke


Visione! Paolo Tosti


Il sole ride. Le nubi serene vagan pe’l cielo di cobalto a’l vento… ed io mi sento il freddo ne le vene…ed io ne’l cuore la morte mi sento!  
Ma tu chi sei gentile visione, che mi tendi cosi le braccia stanche?
che mi sussurri l’ultima canzone ai fior de’l campo, a le farfalle bianche? gentile visione!
Il sole ride; da le acacie in fiore viene per l’aure una fragrante ondata:ed io doman sarò ne’l cupo orrore dell’urna, sola, triste, assiderata!  
Ma tu anche là, gentile visione, mi tenderai così le braccia stanche?

Oh! si, ripeti l’ultima canzone ai fior de’l campo, a le farfalle bianche!  
fedele visione! fedele visione!

The sun laughs. The peaceful clouds roam the cobalt sky in the wind…and I feel cold in my veins…And in my heart I feel death!
But who are you, kind vision, stretching out to me your tired arms?
whispering the last song to the field flowers, to the white butterflies? Kind vision!
The sun laughs; from the blooming acacia through the air a fragrant wave comes and tomorrow I will be in the gloomy horror of the urn, alone, sad, frozen!
But even there you, kind vision, will tenderly stretch out to me your tired arms?Oh, yes, repeat the last song to the field flowers, to the white butterflies!
Faithful vision! Faithful vision!

Du schönes Fishermädchen Andreas Oechsner


Du schönes Fischermädchen, treibe den Kahnan’s Land, komm ’zu mir und setz’ dich nieder, wir kosen Hand in Hand.

Leg an mein Herz dein Köpfchen und fürcht’dich nicht zu sehr, vertraust du dich doch sorglos, täglich dem wilden Meer.
Mein Herz gleicht ganz dem Meere hat Sturm und Ebb’ unt Fluth, und manche schöne Perle in seiner Tiefe ruht.

O beautiful daughter of the fisherman, who makes lovely the land by your very presence, come to me and sit down. We will caress hand in hand.
Finally you can rest your head on my heart without fear. Often it storms, and you brave the fury of the wild sea.
My heart is like the ocean after a storm with ebbing tides, and many a lovely pearl rests in its depths.

Chanson d’amour Gabriel Fauré


J’aime tes yeux, j’aime ton front, I love your eyes, I love your forehead,

O ma rebelle ô ma farouche, O my rebel, o my wild one,

J’aime tes yeux, j’aime ta bouche I love your eyes, I love your mouth

Où mes baisers s’épuiseront. Where my kisses will exhaust themselves.

J’aime ta voix, j’aime l’étrange I love your voice, I love the strange

Grâce de tout ce que tu dis, Grace of all you say,

O ma rebelle, ô mon cher ange, O my rebel, o my darling angel,

Mon enfer et mon paradis! My hell and my paradise!

J’aime tout ce qui te fait belle, I love everything that makes you beautiful

De tes pieds jusqu’à tes cheveux, From your feet to your hair,

O toi vers qui montent mes voeux, O you towards whom all my desires fly,

O ma farouche, ô ma rebelle! O my wild one, o my rebel!

Two  Songs Amy Beach





We are grateful for your presence this afternoon to support our performance and our intention to help music thrive in our community.  10% of students at MCMC currently receive scholarships to make musical education affordable for their families.   Your support today enables us continue music scholarship support of existing and new students at MCMC.   Thank you!

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