Group Class Syllabus for June 30

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Below is the syllabus for this evening’s group practice.

  • Violin Posture Games
    • Coming up from a slump –  Students will practice hovering palms just above their heads and floating up to meet the hand through coming out of a slump
    • Air Hockey Practice –  Students will practice rolling marbles down the fingerboard to see if they can  make goals (landing the marble in the peg box)
  • Bow Hold Practice:
    • Pinkie Taps and First Finger Flops
    • Up Like a Rocket
  • Mississippi Hot Dog Rhythm Practice
    • Runner’s Arm vs Violinist’s Arm discussion and practice.
    • Round the world using Runner’s Arm
    • Round the world using Violinist’s Arm
    • Round the world on different open strings using Violinist’s arm
  • Left Hand Pizz
    • Withe the Squirrel on the nut, practice making a ringing E sound using the 4th finger of the left hand to pluck the E string.
    • Round the world 3 open e string plucks
    • Open A Mississippi Hot Dogs with bow followed by three open e string plucks
    • Students playing Mississippi Hot Dog with Fingers will replace the open Es with 3 plucked Es.  New students will simply pluck the Es.
  • Song of the Wind
    • Gimme Five Down (Bow Circle Practice)  Students will practice giving themselves Medium fives with their bow hands circle clapping.
    •  Gimme Five with a bow.  Students will practice bow circles using the gimme five feeling.
    • Hard Part Practice x 5.
  • Playthroughs with Piano
    • Mississippi Hot Dog with Violinist’s Arm
    • Twinkle Theme with Squirrel on Nut and 4th finger rounded like it might pluck.
    • Song of the Wind with Gimme 5 style bow circles.

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