Group Class Syllabus for February 8, 2016

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Below is is the Suzuki Group group class syllabus for Sunday, February 8th at 4pm.   If a student is not yet playing the song they can sit in their spot or bow on a single string following the leader’s bowing pattern.

  1. Tuning
  2. Name Game
  3. Warm Up / Yoga
    1. Meghan to demonstrate and then lead downward dog at the wall
    2. John to demonstrate and lead finger pulls
    3. Clarin to demonstrate and lead Cobra and Swan poses.
  4. Round the room rhythm and intonation exercise
  5. Sight Reading and Conducting
    1. Site Reading of trios from My Trio Book by Kerstin Wartberg
    2.  Students are divided into three groups assigned to play one of the duet parts.
    3.  Each section is sightread by a volunteer first then by the entire section.
    4. Teacher demonstrates basic conducting of 4-4 time.
    5. Group plays the duet with teacher conducting.
  6. Twinkle variation with piano with volunteer student conducting
  7. Bow hold check
  8. Marwan to lead Up Like a Rocket
  9. Lightly row with piano with Lila leading
  10. Go Tell Aunt Rhody with Gus leading
  11. Allegro with Carter leading
  12. Chorus with Camilla leading
  13. May Song with John leading
  14. Waltz (if time)
  15. Twinkle Theme and May Song played at same time with conductor leading.

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