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love this practice post!

steady she goes


This is how violin practice went last night:

  • John had “too much energy” to start, so he sprinted at top speed around the house for about five minutes. Top. Speed.
  • Naturally, the sprinting ended in a dramatic “fall” and a hurt knee. The knee made it impossible for him to stand up. So he thought we better not practice.
  • I was not buying the hurt knee story, and he wasn’t all that committed to it, so we went into the living room to get on with practice.
  • I asked him to play a scale. He somehow squeezed in 8 extra notes, which he thought should count as extra credit. When I asked him to play the scale again, correctly, it was NOT FAIR. We spent more time talking about this than it would have taken to just play it again. Eventually, he played it again.
  • He ran out of the room…

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