Spring Student Recital Program

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I’m so proud of my students today.  They played their hearts out and we listened with sheer joy!

I am so grateful for my students for working so hard to prepare for this recital and for teaching me so much about music and community over the past year.  My students are the light in my life and I savor the chance to be with them at  lessons and at group.

The transformation of notes on the page to joyful song has been sheer pleasure to behold. The  practice to master holding the bow, standing just so to coax the music from the violin and learning to notice the quality of the tones resonating is difficult but meaningful work. It requires so much willpower some days to practice.  But when we perform with our violins for our friends and families we have an opportunity to communicate that which we are not able to with words alone.  When we play, we listen, our ensemble mates listen  and our audience listens.  We are all present as a community in the moment and that is such a powerful tool, and worth the practice.  Live music performance is truly a gift to all of us.

I am grateful for the parents and friends who support our violin practice . Starting music education at a young age helps make playing a natural part of their lives.  Music gives people a better understanding of societies and makes them more well-rounded citizens of the world.  Music is a cultural necessity for people all around the world.

June 1, 2014, at 4 p.m. in Cornwall, VT

Group Ensemble

  • Twinkle Little Star Variation A                                      S. Suzuki
  • Go Tell Aunt Rhody                                                          Folk Song

John J.

  • Long, Long, Ago                                                                  T.H.Bayly
  • Allegro                                                                                    S. Suzuki

Carter L.

  • May Song                                                                              Folk Song
  • Minuet 2                                                                                  J.S. Bach

Ruby H.

  • Lightly Row                                                                          Folk Song

Matthew B.

  • Twinkle Theme                                                                     S. Suzuki

Ella B.

  • Concerto No. 5 (Rondo)                                                        F. Seitz

Tobias B.

  • Minuet 3                                                                                  J.S. Bach
  • Gavotte                                                                                   F.J. Gossec

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