Left Hand Finger Exercises

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The practice of the violin includes developing physical strength and dexterity. To improve the strength and dexterity of the left hand there are exercises that can be practiced to develop the muscles between the fingers which will improve the speed and accuracy of the left hand.  Like any exercise, rest between exercise to allows for synthesis of the muscle memory.

1. Using a simple Schradieck exercise, a G Major scale, or Twinkle Variation 1 keeping the fingers gentle curved, hovering in play position over the finger board, practice bending each finger back from the finger board as far as possible, then as quickly as possible down to the note.  Rest the hand frequently. Ensure fingers are curved through out the motions. Avoid squeezing with the thumb.  Some students like to think of forming an @ sign, turned 180 degrees with gently curved fingers over the letter a part of the symbol.

2. double stops in 3rd position, 2nd and then first position.  Change bows between each double stops. Start on the E and A strings, then A and D, the D and G. Keep the first and 3rd fingers down throughout the exercise. Rest the thumb especially when tightness occurs. Many thanks to Viktoria Grigoreva for this one. Below is the fingering pattern:




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