Spring 2014 Violin Lesson Schedule

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triosWeekly private lessons are offered year round to students of all abilities and ages ranging from 4-99+. Parents of young students are encouraged to attend lessons. Monthly Group classes and seasonal student recitals are offered. All students and families are encouraged to attend group class and recitals. Group class and recitals are included in the private lesson tuition payment.

Students are expected to develop a daily practice of the violin. Young children practice with parent encouragement and assistance. Practice time can last for as little as 5 minutes on a busy day, but (ideally) occurs daily. Listening to recordings of repertoire is a key element of violin practice.

Spring Lessons will start the week of January 6, 2014. No lessons will be held the weeks of January 20, February 17, or April 21. Group classes will be held monthly on Sunday afternoons at 4PM on 1/26, 3/2, 4/6, and a recital on 5/28/14.

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